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Happiness is Egg Shaped

by The Burning Glass

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Startled by Stars I've been in love a few times I've had toothache twice 25 pairs of glasses Through which I have made several observations Number 1 there's a shit-ton of everything you cannot hope to take it in Like glimpses of the weaving wings of starlings murmurating 2 the world is wider than the travel agents would have you believe Through a glass darkly we see mostly what we expect to see 3 the journey is within you 4 you’ll never arrive 5 do what makes you happy 6 look up at the skyline It's startled by stars look up at the sky line it's startled by stars I don't need to make great works of art I am content to be a part of other people's stories -I don't need undying glory I've never backpacked round the world or padded barefoot through the Taj Mahal But I was there in Frensham ponds when 100000 frogs born We didn't know where to put our feet and we didn't know where to our feet and we didn't know where to put our feet So look up at the sky line it startled by stars I've been in love a few times and I bet I could have bathed a bison in my tears I dipped my thimble in the deep bidet 40000 years of human knowledge I've been to six form college and though I'm thick as porridge I've made several observations.
You can probably tell from the way that I speak I was born in the home counties Somewhere near the bottom of the top of the heap but I've always felt more green belt than street I drop my 't's but I can talk nicely one dropped an 'e' at an all night party I like the Landscape around here and the trees and my ladybird book of philosophy says I believe that it's alright to like your good luck buttered Providing you're prepared to spend a little time in the gutter It's evident fate doesn't make home visits strange as it may seem Normal's not something to aim for is just a setting on your washing machine Living in a van in a field suits me meet my lack of equity with equanimity I voted Green in a blue safe seat just a drop in the ocean of all the small 'c's They say we've got to leave the European Union but we've just got to get a lot more Epicurean You can sum up a whole civilization with those little tiny cups of milk you get in service stations There are more ways you can look at your life than there are cats eyes on the M25 Time and motion the unexamined life is a slow self murder it's a kind of suicide While you're cutting your grass and paying your taxes the moon wanes and the moon waxes Cutting your grass and paying your taxes the moon wanes and waxes The fact is it takes practice knowing when to get distracted Here's to the pursuit of happiness in your trainers and tracksuit I wrote this song in the home counties Sitting in my van making toasted cheese Which I burnt to a cinder trying to tie up loose ends Eating cold baked beans from the can thinking What am I doing trying to put this all into words But I'm far from certain if they mean anything Talk is cheep cheep cheep chirp the birds when they sing words are light like feathers but put together right feathers made wings
Portland Stone I want to feel like a frisbee feels I'd rather be a river than a reservoir I'd rather be a shoal of salmon shimmering Than bathed in brine and boneless in a tin 'Cause it's a sin to sit in silence when you want to sing Or clip clip clip your own wings I want to feel like a river I want to feel like a river I'd rather be a landslide than a hotel on the hillside I'd rather be subsiding than abiding there's no hiding how I want to crash into the sea with a symbol splash cacophony The kind of crazy cadence caused by marching bands colliding I want to feel like a landslide feels I want to feel like a landslide All the calcified crustaceans waiting for the tide to take them home Portland stone the falling walls of Jericho I want to feel like a melody feels when you sing it Want to feel like a Frisbee feels when you fling it Don't want to be a manuscript or a file in a folder in a filing cabinet I don't want to be an un-played 78 In the attic of your grandma's home So put me on a gramophone put me on a gramophone Because I don't care if I get scratches Strike me I'm a box of matches The shimmering salmon swim up from the sea the shimmering salmon swim up from the sea The 78 spins like a Frisbee Frisbee flies like a river bending beginning and ending
If you and I where stick insects I'd stand as still as I could next to you While you stood still as you could stand on a stick stuck in Silver Sand If we were pebbles on a beach I'd lie so close to you The action of the waves would mean you borrow deep inside of me You and I are made from similar materials you and I are made from such similar materials If me and you where metaphors in a song with several simple chords The flags would fly in semaphore while sailors said I love you more And worst things happen out at sea then you being away from me But even monsters of the deep need other monster's company You and I are made from similar materials Of all the gin joints in all the world You'd stumble into mine if you'll be Ingrid Bergman I'll be both those other guys If we were hydrogen we'd find ourselves and molecule of oxygen and bond with it And stabilize it's outer shell WE’D fly out over the sea you'd never be away from me Because we'd be deep And we'd be bonded chemically.
National Trust We drive Land Rovers we like brushcutters Butterflies and glow-worms slow worms and sand lizards We know the difference between the shovels and spades We've got Belted Galloway's We are mostly underpaid our green shirts don't help us to get laid We're the National Trust Mother Hubbard trust us we've got it all under control We're the National Trust Mother Hubbard trust us we've got it all under control We like to put up signs we protect the countryside We drive Land Rovers we prefer red to white clovers We've got nice warm pullovers we have outdoor sleepovers We are friends to ant and spider we make our own cider We've got great big shiny tractors built bought by wealthy benefactors From the Mighty Eagle to the tiny little ball from the long eared owl To the long eared bat to the silver studded blue caterpillar
Late to develop I was told I’d never be a ninja Went home and cried for a while And became a TEFL teacher Flew to Brazil and got sunstroke On Copacabana beach A cockroach fell into my can of coke I was vomiting for hours Feeling pretty foolish very white and much to English I started smoking cigarettes Waiting for my adult life to start Met a girl in evening dress and heels Who said she worked in cinema I had a mental image to conceal Of me naked underneath her Never happened but that is OK Because I’ve got it in the archives Of my late night onanism library Under ‘C’ for cinematic imagery Drowning out my sorrows bought a second hand miniature banjo It was totally unplayable The soundtrack to my freshly broken heart Waiting for my adult life to start How the days we live in all unfold like origami birds Looking back we can’t make out at all the shapes they had before Found a dead guy in the street Near my apartment Tried to tell a cop in bad Portuguese He was totally indifferent He didn’t even take my name or check his pulse He just walked away Smoking a cigarette I went home a watched foreign TV shows Watching foreign TV shows all night
After spending all my savings on the Internet I phoned my brother and said "I've done something I think I might regret" And when the bidding war was over I was the proud owner of a vintage tractor I confessed to my distress that I'd spend every penny I possessed and he said "What colour is it?" and I said "red" After making my lover cry until her hair was wet I banged my fist up on his door and got him out of bed and he said "Hey man it's 3am" and I said After all these years I can't believe it's over My head hurts and my heart's worst and it's at least as bad as it could be And he said "I'll put the kettle on then" and I said "thanks" So wrap me in your arms and I can sleep wrap me in your arms and I can sleep you are your brother's keeper I gate crashed the party when you were three without so much as an invitation You had absolutely no say in it just get used to having me around Grandma's coming over for the weekend while mummy is going to hospital He may not seem like a human being at first But he will soon be wearing all your hand-me-downs Next I annexed half your bedroom I'm pathologically untidy it's true "That is not your train that is my train give me my train or I'm telling" Tiny tiny baby found among the rushes wrapped up like a package please return to sender Now you're going off to university it's been a long journey you realise that You are your brother's keeper After driving my van into a flood in Somerset We all got drunk and made light of the fact that I was dispossessed But in the cold hard light of day, faced with my imobile home and my hangover My head hurts and my heart's worse and it's at least as bad as it could be And he said "at least you've got a tractor" and I said "that's true" After spending my whole life with you I can't forget The times so farcical and fine I find a few regrets as yet When our lives are almost over We can look back at these lives of ours and know THat we've been fortunate and free and I was made for you and you for me. telling
Border Road 03:41
Maureen smelt of baking and hairspray Jive danced in the living room 'till her hips gave way Named her daughter Tracy for Spencer Tracy Because she cut his hair After the war after the war There were flowers 'round the estate then They kept it up much better when people were proud But all of the net curtains with twitching as she pushed the pram down Border Road She's been in the wars she's been in the wars Maureen got a job in the Rex in the dark behind the silver screenselling ice-cream When she married Derek she moved in Six doors from her childhood home On Border Road on Border Road Driving to the south coast in August forty miles to Milford on Sea in the Hillman Estate Fourteen summers later Tracy left home in a Kaftan and a velvet gown Meeting a man who played in the band When I was wearing size five shoes and after school she'd wrap me in her arms a love too deep for words and later when the drugs they gave her made her see spiders crawling up the walls I held her hands and they were birds Maureen left the world through the window with all four of her daughters there on midwinter's eve
Parasol 03:51
Parasol You will leave this all behind and walk out in the sun Someday soon you'll climb the hill and find you're looking down on everyone you know Letting go of all the hurt you've had to hold Let your heart unfold Set aside the load you bear and smooth your furrowed brow The rays of sun will warm your shoulders There'll be no more heaving boulders now Leaving out the part of you that doubts the whole Let your your heart unfold like a parasol You can open and close For now my dear just sleep and I'll be watching over you I'll see you no harm can reach you there is no task that I would rather do And if you want me to I'll warm you when it's cold Let your heart unfold And in the morning let the bird song in the spring is full of sound You'll blow your horn and beat your drum and then you'll drive your demons out of town You'll look back on all of this when you are old Let your heart unfold like a parasol You can open or close You will leave this all behind and walk out in the sun Someday soon you'll climb the hill and find you looking down and everyone you know Letting go of all the hurt you've had to hold let your heart unfold Gather up the strength you have and turn to face the wind All of us are tossing turning tumbling into a journey's end You will see the sun setting on the world turn to read from gold And let your heart unfold
Raw Food 02:27


released August 18, 2017


all rights reserved



The Burning Glass London, UK

Edwin Brooks writes songs that tell stories and make people laugh, jiggle about and even occasionally cry. The band use tuned percussion, ukulele, fiddle, drums and lots of singing to bring these songs to life in their own distinctive style of acoustic pop. They will be performing their debut recording ‘Things that Happened and Other Stories’ on the festival circuit in 2014. ... more

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